“This is a musical melting pot that’s boiling over with talent, cultural nuances and a lot of fun.”

“The best party band in Los Angeles”

“People were having fun, and I’m not talking about bob-your-head-and-look-cool fun. I’m talking pure, unbridled, I’ve-given-up-control-of-my-body-like-a-flailing-ragdoll fun. Real fun.”

“It's the American Dream realized and, sentimentality aside, party bands don't get much better.”

“Perhaps it’s the way the guys can pack a club dance floor... or the off-kilter banter that dominates the act - but there is a sense of showmanship that separates them from the pack.”

“Wild, energetic, fun and entertaining are all undeniable understatements...”

“Had the U.S.S.R. offered the free world rock and roll this sharp, satirical, and sexy, even the coldest Cold Warrior would’ve had to get out of the kitchen.”

“More irresistible than matryoshka dolls and more potent than a Molotov cocktail”

“One of the hottest, wackiest bands around”

“If you feel your body start to shake uncontrollably with an insistent rhythm, don’t worry... it’s just the Elvises.”

“Show up and get ready to proclaim them 'your new favorite band'.”

“Complete with conga lines and a five-man drum solo, Igor and the Red Elvises delivered the life-affirming fun fans have come to expect.”

“One of the best live music shows in Tucson”